Svayam Natural Coconut Oil with Amla Extracts & Neem Stems Review

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I am going to review Svayam Natual Coconut Oil which claim to contain Amla extract and neem stems.If you are following my blog regularly you would know that I have been trying and reviewing products from this brand on a regular basis. If you have missed my previosus reviews you can check them HERE If you wish to know more about this product and my thoughts then please keep on reading.....

Svayam Natural Coconut Oil with Amla Extracts & Neem Stems Review 

Price: Rs. 415/- for 100 ml.Available on discount HERE

Ingredients & Benefits:
Coconut Oil, Amla, Neem Stems & Aloe Vera,Mustard Oil, Aloe Vera
Builds Hair Immunity & Prevents Dandruff 

Svayam Natural Coconut Oil with Amla Extracts & Neem Stems Review 

How to use:
Gently massage onto scalp and apply along length of hair. Rinse after 30 minutes with a mild shampoo. Avoid contact with eyes. In case accidental contact occurs, rinse well with warm water.

The oil comes in a plastic see through bottle from which the contents are easily available. The cap is golden in color and is good. There is no stopper in between which I don't like because it may dispense more oil than required creating a mess.I have not traveled with it so can't say if it is travel friendly but I guess one can manage right?? Ingredients and basic information is printed on the bottle.

Svayam Natural Coconut Oil with Amla Extracts & Neem Stems Review 

Coming to the product, the oil is dirty chrome yellow in color because of the presence of mustard oil which can stink if used on its own but thankfully it is used in moderation.On sniffing coconut and amla (indiangooseberry) presence  is very evident. The oil is of very good quality and not greasy in my opinion. Oiling the hair is very important like even if you have a greasy scalp you must do it once in 10 days and one should only keep it for 30 min to an hour.

Svayam Natural Coconut Oil with Amla Extracts & Neem Stems Review 

The oil seeps in well and gets absorbed easily. What I like is that it contains neem stems which are good for dandruff and prove as an antiseptic for the scalp as well.Amla is good for hair growth and helps in hair loss. I did not notice a visible difference and it is hard to tell unless I use the full bottle.However it definitely helps in preventing dandruff from what I have seen. I wash my hair after 30 minutes of application. You need to shampoo twice if you have heavily oiled your hair. Overall I like it as it contains all natural ingredients and is cruelty free. This brand have  some really good products you must go check them out soon.

MLWM Rating:4.3/5

So guys have you tried any product from this brand Svayam Natural?? Do let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Great review.
    I'm following your blog via GFC, could you follow my blog too?

  2. Nahi, maine abhinis brand se kuch use nahi kiya hai 😊
    Thanksfor this post, abhi to bahut se hair oils rakha hai, khatam hony per isko leti hu πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. India indeed is the market for natural products. Our beauty market on the other hand is quite limited for such products, and even if they are available, we have to pay quite a bit. This oil will be a good bet for my frizzy hair. Love it.

  4. Thanks for sharing the review..


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