NYN 24 Matte Lipstick set Review & Swatches (VIDEO)

Hello everyone,
So it has been a while since I posted a video and also a review of any lipstick/lip product. If you follow me on my social media Instagram & Snapchat and see my snaps there you would know I had posted about this NYN 24 Matte Lipstick set but did not reveal the details then. Since that day I received a lot of requests to review and show it.So I finally decide to film it and you know what it took me 2 days to record/film, edit,crop and all that jazz to finally accomplish the unthinkable. I finally uploaded the video yesterday and would love if you watch it to know my thoughts, review and swatches of these. I swatched 24 lipsticks and at the end of it my lips were burning so I hope you like my effort  and show some love to my video ☺☺

Unlike blogging Youtube is very time consuming and requires a lot of planning in terms of content,filimg, lighting etc etc. I like to keep my videos simple for now but I am slowly learning how to get better each time. Dressing up for the camera is something I am learning because being at home would you even care to bother how you look.. Lol 

You can watch the video HERE if you have difficulty watching it

So anyway if you would like to subscribe to my channel you can check the link here and subscribe to show your support, also its free to subscribe. Subscribe if you like and do not play follow, unfollow games let's keep it positive and clean. I would appreciate if you like and leave a comment on my video there as it will help my channel grow.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my video. Any comments, suggestions and requests are always welcomed. If I can I will surely work on it.

Until next time.. Happy Weekend and Take care xoxo


  1. You did amazing on the video showing the lip swatches great job Nat you did not miss a beat.

  2. Abhi to maine video nahi dekha, aaj raat me try karti hu 😊


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